Mini Models
Do you have images of Thylane Blondeau, Anna Pavaga or Anastasia Bezrukova? :-)


I have some of Thylane here but her official fansite tags most pictures obnoxiously, so I don’t edit her that much.

I hadn’t had any of Anna Pavaga, and I don’t think I will because the only images of her are medium quality on a facebook page that also obnoxiously tags them.

I have one of Anastasia Bezrukova here but I haven’t edited any others.

For future reference, I have all my pictures tagged with the model’s name!

So if you’re looking for a picture of, say Thylane Blondeau, you just have to go to: Blondeau

You should search for Arina Muzyka. And Milana Kurnikova. And Vasilisa Suslikova.


Added some of Arina. The other two don’t have many hq pics

Please, don't use Topaz. It's horrible! I don't like your edits D:


I don’t! Idk what I used but I don’t like it either :/ it was all queued so I did it months ago sorry